Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Did you know skipping breakfast can effect your mood?

All through high school I found it difficult to face breakfast, although this was mainly because I could barely get myself out of bed in time for school..

My Mum always told me breakfast was the most important meal of the day but I always laughed it off just so I could have that 10 extra cosy minutes in bed.
I never thought that maybe there was some sense in what she was saying.

After sleeping all night and not having eaten since dinner time, (apart from that sneaky midnight snack) eating breakfast kick-starts your energy level! It will also kick-start your metabolism for the day ahead and because your body isn't feeling devoid of nutrients anymore, it is easier to stay in a happy mood.

Try to stick to foods such as whole grains and fruits as they are more likely to keep you feeling fuller 'till lunch time. Try to avoid sugary cereals and pastries as they will give you a short term energy boost from the sugar rush, but leave you feeling worse off and more drained than if you hadn't eaten anything.

If you're trying to lose weight never skip breakfast.

  • People that skip breakfast are more likely to overindulge in their next meal, or snack on higher calorie foods in the afternoon.
  • By not eating breakfast, your body will try and hold the nutrients in whatever lunch you eat for as long as possible instead of working to burn them as it would if you'd have eaten much earlier.

One of my favourite breakfast foods;

Muesli with mixed nuts, fruit, natural yoghurt and honey.

Apart from this breakfast being amazingly tasty it also has some amazing health benefits!
The high fibre in the muesli will keep you feeling full for a long time, so you're not snacking before lunch.
The nuts provide unsaturated fats. Natural Yoghurt provides calcium, boosts immune function and can decrease body fat.
Depending on the fruit you use, there will be different benefits for your health! Eg. Blueberries are an amazing source of anti-oxidants to help your skin looking great.
Honey is a great natural sweetener, it also can reduce the risk of some cancers and heart disease.

Hope you all have a nice, big and healthy breakfast next time you wake up! 🎀💕


  1. Great post! need to read something like this since I've been skipping breakfast a lot lately.

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  5. absolutely right, having concerned with it, Effects of Skipping Breakfast has negative results,,i daily take dark chocolate in my breakfast, which keeps me happy and fressh.