Tuesday, July 22, 2014

MAC mineralize skinfinish new packaging!

When my parents recently travelled back to America to visit my Uncle, I (obviously) hit them up to spend all of my hard earned cash on as much makeup as they could get me. This time I went for a bit of a different tactic to my normal restock-which was to only buy brands that I can't get here in Australia. There was however, one product that slipped through the cracks and that was my holy grail powder by MAC (mineralize skinfinish natural)! I'm a bit ashamed to say I've been repurchasing this powder in excess of 6 years.....I swear I'm not that old.
Anywho, if you're from Australia *high five* or New Zealand, you too would know the heartbreak of seeing American girls and guys on the internet talk about the prices of MAC makeup.

I was shocked when Mum arrived home and handed over the goods.... I thought she'd bought me the wrong product! I was pleasantly surprised when I figured out that it had just gone through it's own little makeover, and been repackaged.

Now we get to my opinion on the new packaging..... I think it is a definite upgrade to the old packaging and I really hope it isn't just a limited thing.

As this is my holy grail powder it spends a lot of time inside my handbag. One of the most frustrating things about the older style packaging is that the clear window part would often pop out whilst in my bag and get lodged under the black part. You would then need something sharp or thin to ply it out and pop it back in. The fact that this won't be happening any more is a big plus for me.
The second massive plus is the mirror that is now included. Do I need to say more?

Other than that it just feels all over a bit sturdier than the old packaging. The amount of product you're getting hasn't changed however I feel like there has been a slight raise in the price (not sure as I'm always alternating where I'm buying it from). To be honest though, IF it has gone up by $1-$2 I wouldn't mind just for the addition of the mirror!

Let me know what you think about the new packaging! I'd love to hear if this is a permanent change and if it has actually gone up in price.

Hope you're having a great day guys xx


  1. I haven't gotten any new MAC products with the new packaging, but compared to the old one, I agree with you because it's a real upgrade. The fact that it includes a mirror is awesome because you can apply you're makeup on the go! Thanks for sharing your opinion :3

    with love, Kathleen

    1. Thanks for reading Kathleen! 💖

  2. I prefer the packaging for sure!

  3. I really hope it's a permanent change!

  4. This is my holy grail of powder as well. Every thing else I have tried doesn't compare. Love this new packaging too! Loving reading your blog aswell.

    Being Alice xo

    1. I always try new powders because I love the feeling when I find something that just exceeds my expectations, but nothing else has done it for me! Will be repurchasing this for a long time I think ^___^