Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My bad beauty habits

We can't all be perfect when it comes to maintaining good beauty habits, some worse than others. I think I fall somewhere in between good and bad.
I try my hardest to keep a fairly good routine but there are just some things I skip or habits I can't break.

1. Picking.
Yes, I am a picker. Whether it's picking my fingers, my nails or picking at pimples (gross) I do it. I think this is probably my worst beauty habit.

2. Touching my face.
This may not seem all that bad to you but I am ALWAYS touching my face and I don't know why. It's pretty icky when I think back at all the other things I've been touching with my fingers beforehand, for example if I'm at work I've touched money, picked up products, done cleaning and so on.

3. Putting off washing my makeup brushes.
I am also a massive procrastinator. In fact the only time I end up washing my makeup brushes is normally when I'm procrastinating something else like study or cleaning my room. I really need to at least get in the habit of washing the brushes I use on my entire face more often.

4. Reverting back to makeup wipes.
I try and cleanse my face morning and night but as I am constantly between my house and my boyfriends house I find it a bit too much extra effort sometimes to pack all my skincare. #firstworldproblems

5. Eating chocolate, a LOT of chocolate.
Anyone who knows me well, knows that when it comes to chocolate I just can't stop until I've demolished everything in the house. I end up regretting it afterwards when I'm lying in bed feeling sick from the whole block of chocolate I've just devoured but I never seem to learn. My skin hates me for it and this is probably why I can never get it under control.

I know I probably have more bad habits but these are the main things I know I need to work on. Tell me in the comments what your bad beauty habits are and if you have any tips at beating them!


  1. I think I hasve the same bad habits :c


    1. Let me know if you think of any ways to snap out of them!

  2. I can totally relate to # 2, 3, and 5. I always touch my face and imagine all the bacteria going around especially on my hands. I always forget to clean my brushes which is really bad because bacteria can build up and that's just really gross. And I love love love chocolate so I totally can't let go of that. Thanks for sharing your bad beauty habits!

    xo, Kathleen

    1. Ahhh it freaks me out but I still can't help it. I'll be sitting down and not realise that i'm literally just running my fingers across my cheek or something -____-

  3. I'm terrible at remembering to clean my brushes. Its so bad! I love this post though!


    1. I remember....I just put it off lol. And thank you!