Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A couple of firsts

I quite easily get stuck in makeup ruts I guess you could call it, where I find a particular brand I like and subsequently go on a mission to own all of the products from that brand. I also tend to weirdly do this because I like things to match on my counter....anyone else? I tried to branch out a bit when I recently went shopping and picked up these two items which I'd been eyeing off for quite a while (I feel like the last person ever to try these!). Having never owned anything else from these brands before I was a bit anxious to splurge on these two items but it seems my anxiety was very misplaced.

I'll start with the YSL lipstick. So the one I picked up was the YSL rouge volupté shine no.5 and let me begin by saying this packaging is just freaking amazing. Not just the look of it, but the actual tube is quite solid and heavy feeling which personally just adds to the experience of it being such a luxurious product. It definitely feels like top quality. Now, I want to focus on the formula of this lipstick more than the colour but I will say that the colour is beautiful. I decided to choose a colour a bit different to my standard "I'll try the red" when selecting a new lipstick. I went for this pink shade as it was a bright, yet deep pink which I thought would compliment my pale as a ghost complexion. Oh and I was right. It's definitely my current favourite in terms of colour.
On to the formula! This is probably the most moisturising lipstick I have ever applied. It feels as if I have just slapped on a lip balm, but yet somehow it still amazingly pigmented. The "shine" aspect of the lipstick just adds something beautifully glowing to my face which I am loving as something a bit different to my usual (mostly) matte lips. Despite being so moisturising and shiny, it also stays put on my lips for a pretty long time. YSL and your rouge volupté shine, you have won me over and I definitely have the urge to catch 'em all.

Now to the Hourglass ambient lighting powder. I chose ethereal light as a safe bet to try on my pale face. I was expecting to like this product due of the amount of rave reviews I've heard, however as someone who normally wears a full coverage base followed by MAC mineralise skinfinish natural everyday, I definitely wasn't expecting to love it. Oh how I was wrong. The way I've been applying this so I can still have my full coverage face of makeup is simple. Foundation, powder, fix+ then  the ambient lighting powder. By applying in this order the ambient lighting powder just gives me most beautiful finish to the skin and makes it look a whole lot more natural than applying it directly over the powder. The ambient lighting powder definitely doesn't give any extra coverage, and it doesn't make me sparkle like Edward Cullen which I was very afraid of (I tend to stay away from highlighters in general). Swatching this literally felt like I was swiping my finger through butter it's so soft and finely milled, which is what makes the product look so natural on the skin. I should add that I actually wore this out clubbing the first time I tried it and my makeup actually stayed pretty fantastic the whole night. I find this product is amazing and definitely now a must do step in my makeup routine.

Oh and I forgot to mention, AUS and NZ girls and guys Mecca Cosmetica have recently dropped their prices making these just that little bit more affordable. Thanks Mecca!

I'm super happy with these two purchases and hope to try some more products from these brands very soon. Let me know what your favourites are from these brands! <3


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    1. It's honestly a dream to apply 😄

  2. I love this post :)
    Keep in touch xoxo

  3. I picked a YSL lipstick up recently too, and they really are just the most beautiful things ever! x

    1. Aren't they just gorgeous! I can't wait to get another, no idea what colour to go for though :( x