Thursday, May 2, 2013

XanaduJulie Review!

Hi guys,
I'm really excited to be making this post for you today!
It is a little photo heavy and a little lengthier than my previous posts so grab a cup of tea and enjoy!

XanaduJulie *Review time!! ♥  

XanaduJulie, if you don't already know is a shop that can be found on etsy HERE.

It is owned and run by Julie, the sweetest lady who creates all the items in her store herself!
She specialises in decoden phone cases, mirrors which are available ready made or custom ordered.
That means you can completely customise your order to what you like best and to suit your needs. How awesome is that?!
She also makes ridiculously cute earrings and accessories.

So on to my review...
First of all, after placing my order it was posted out within days which is pretty impressive. I live in Australia so normally I'm waiting quite a while for things I order from the US, so the fact it was shipped so quickly is a big fat A+ in my books!

Okay, so this is how it was all packaged. As expected, all super cute!

Below is what Julie will pack into your order, the little note you see there is everything you need to know about how to care for your new piece of decoden cuteness! Also, can I just say how super impressed I was with the business cards! They are ridiculously kawaii, yet also very professional looking... and who doesn't love some lollies right?

This is the case that Julie made me! The cost of this case is $35. Considering I can go to my local shopping centre and buy a plain, ugly case for the same price at a phone store and I'm getting a handmade and custom case, this is really good. I don't know about you guys, but I love having accessories that make a bit of a statement.

I'll give you a moment to appreciate its amazingness! Really though, it is just perfect. The quality of work, attention to detail, colour scheme just everything. I've already had people compliment me on my case today at uni.

The little bag you can see to the right in the above photo is pictured below a bit better.
Julie includes a few pieces that she has included in your deco item just for the off chance something might fall off your case! She also explains the best ways to secure them on. I really, really love this idea as she seems to have thought of everything to really give you the best experience possible.
If you're anything like me you throw your phone into your handbag/backpack and I mean really, wear and tear on something you use everyday is BOUND to happen!

Here's a few closer and more detailed photos of the case. I just love that big Korilakkuma, what an absolute cutie!♥

Check out the super cute chocolate drizzle on the sides!

Julie also included this adorable mirror for me. This mirror is priced at $12 which again, is really reasonably priced.
I LOVE this mirror, it is absolutely perfect to carry in your bag (I think everyone needs a mirror in their bag!) and personally I'm going to keep my decoden mirror in with my contact lens purse. Again, the quality of this work is amazing. This is a different contrast to the very pastel Korilakkuma case, and I love the chocolatey indulgent theme of this!

I also just could not resist getting myself some earrings from her store. I wore the strawberry ones to lunch with my boyfriend yesterday and I had a little girl's face light up, grab her mum and squeal "MUM LOOK AT HER EARS!!".
Adorable is the most appropriate word I think I can use for these earrings. Once again, made with amazing quality.

In all I had a fantastic experience with Julie. She really makes sure you have the best possible buyer experience with her and makes it a fun and exciting thing for you to buy your own custom made decoden case.

I would 100% recommend her store to anyone looking for a case or cute accessories for themselves or even as a gift. How perfect would it be to buy your best friend a custom made accessory for their birthday with all their favourite things on it?!
I have no doubt that most of my followers would adore everything in her shop.

Once again, you can find her store HERE. Happy shopping guys!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making it!

*review is 100% my honest opinion.


  1. I absolutely love this case and the other items! I also love the fact she has thought about everything by adding in extras, I have bookmarked her shop so I can purchase a case soon! Thankyou for the post, as always your pictures are perfect! xo

    Shabby Chic and Tea♥

  2. That chocolate drizzle is divine ♥