Thursday, June 4, 2015

A winning combination

It seems as if the moment that calendar flipped to the 1st of June my face just sensed it and had a mini freak out on me! 

.....Okay I might be over exaggerating here because it's more like 2 weeks that my skin has been suffering from what I suspect to be a mix of the cold weather, the air con, being sick and a bit of upcoming exam stress. 

Essentially my face has decided that it wants to break out- but it also wants to be annoyingly dry (y'know, the kind of dry that putting foundation over just makes your skin flake) which is just not what I like. I've been using this pair in conjunction with each other every few nights to try and battle it out and it's been working quite well! 

The Lush Mask of Magnaminty is one of my all time favourite face masks for when my skin is breaking out. I just don't know what it is about this but it seems to minimise any spots on my face and make my skin a little more glowy! Just a lot less aggravated looking in general. I love the way the peppermint makes my skin feel cool while it's on, so I absolutely love using this when I'm soaking in the bath. Mint is one of my favourite things in food and drinks so it's not a surprise I love it on my face too. 

The Origins Drink Up- Intensive mask is great at giving my skin some extra hydration when I need it, and I feel like using it after a face mask for pimples is best as generally the pimple fighting products tend to dry your skin out even just a little. When your skin is already dry believe me, you tend to notice the littlest of extra dryness very quickly. I use this product just like it instructs and leave it on overnight and let it work it's magic. I normally rinse it off in the morning and put my normal moisturiser on after and go about my day.

Is your skin battling this cold weather too? Let me know what your favourite hydrating products are down below!


  1. I love the mask of magnaminty, I find its great for both face and back! ive never tried out any origins products before, they look great tho xx

    1. I've never used mask of magnaminty on my back but I don't get acne there anymore. It seems to be all just on my face these days :( x