Thursday, May 28, 2015

Peanut Butter+Choc oats!

I pretty much have oats for breakfast every single morning, come 6:45am and there I am cooking some oats over the stovetop. I make myself wholegrain quick cook oats every morning because they are a good way for me to start the day with some protein (keeps your full longer!!) fiber and other vitamins. I also just love the taste :P

Last night whilst a little bored waiting for my best friend to come over and watch the newest episode of Australia's next top model I decided to do a little that turned out delicious, with added protein and vitamins and I just had to share it with you!

Let's get started!

What you'll need:

1/2 cup of oats-I always have mine scooped so I get a little bit more hehe
Almond milk-enough to cover the oats and a little more. You can use water, soy or regular milk here.
1.5 TBSP PB2- You could use regular peanut butter, but would have to melt it first to stir it in fully!
1 TBSP Cacao powder

Optional: 1 TSP Honey
Handful of raspberries

This is a really easy thing to throw together and basically all I did was put my oats into a bowl, add almond milk until the oats are covered well and stir together so they're all soaked. I then took my PB2 and Cacao powder and stirred that all in so that it was all evenly distributed. Then I placed some glad wrap over my bowl and put it in the fridge over night!

Cacao powder can be quite bitter sometimes so I added some honey on top to sweeten it up, you could use anything you like for sweetener here; brown sugar, agave nectar etc
I also added some raspberries on top as a little yummy treat.

Because it was a cold morning today I also microwaved it for 1 minute and it was a delicious winter breakfast! Left cold and it would be perfect for a hot day!

Let me know if you try this recipe out, it's super simple and good for you too!


  1. this sounds delicious! x

    1. It seriously is! I had it again for breakfast this morning 💖