Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks

I recently ordered 4 lipsticks from Australian brand Shanghai Suzy. I was intrigued by the brand as I'd seen it pop up on my social media a few times. The colours always looked decent online and I mean, of course I'm going to look into Australian brands! The lipsticks are $12.95 each or you can grab a deal like I did of buy 3 get 1 free!

I chose the first 3 colours based on what I thought I'd get the most wear out of and the 4th (the nude shade) because I struggle to find a nude to suit my fair complexion. I'm so far very impressed by this shade due to it's slight pink undertone, it seems to work nicely with my colouring. The 3 bright colours are all matte formulas and the nude is a 'nourish' formula.

The matte colours are just matte enough that they last a long time and appear matte to the eye, however not so matte that your lips are going to feel like they're peeling off after a days wear. The nourish formula is quite balmy feeling and does actually feel nourishing! Imagine that! All the colours are very pigmented and only require one or two coats!

[L-R] Miss Mia, Miss Christina, Miss Bree, Miss Leah

Overall I'm super impressed by these lipsticks and if you're after good quality lipticks without paying a small fortune I would highly recommend giving these a go! I ordered mine off the shanghai suzy website however there are more and more stockists popping up carrying the range. I'm really looking forward to the winter collection which I believe is released in April!


  1. These are great colors! I love how the swatches looks a little ombre on your arm.


  2. In love with those colours! So beautiful.